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Staff Department List Name Email Ext
President Dr. David Gardiner     
Principal Vincent Harper '92    
Administration Cathy Pagliaro '87  2113
Administration Cheryl Reider  2074
Activities Sister Tracey Uphoff, IHM 2060
Admissions Olivia Knaby '08  2091
Admissions / Marketing / Public Relations Erin Davis '08  2133
Development Jordan Dupes  2149
Athletics Tommy Mealy '96  2440
Counseling Kelly Brookhart 2151
Counseling Amy Falvo 2154
Counseling Sue Grasa  2150
Counseling Emily Normand  2152
Counseling Rebecca Slavinsky   
Educational Technology Dr. James Beeghley  2134
Facilities David Eichman  2292
Facilities Patrick Sherman 2291
Finance Mary Lou Kauffman  2093
Finance Ellen Miscannon '82  2076
Main Office Sister Cathy Nally, IHM  2071
Main Office Marie-Bernadette Plum  2070
Main Office Ann Suknaic '85  2135
Main Office Elaine Tucci '79  2075
School Chaplain Rev. Joshua Weaver   
Faculty Department List Name Email Ext
Art Kristin Radle   
Business & Technology Brandon Garlitz  
Business & Technology Sue Johnson   
Business & Technology Josh Stegall  
English Sarah Brashear  
English Jennifer Delp   
English Nate Delp '04   
English Aubrey Lee   
English Elizabeth Emery-Tupper  
English Jesse Smith  
English Josh Yeckley '99   
Foreign Language Heather Amundson  
Foreign Language Tia Barndt  
Foreign Language Denise Irizarry  
Foreign Language Jill Tenny   
History Derek Lefever   
History Eric Mark   
History James Mercurio '04   
History James Morrissey '03   
History Joseph Scarcella   
History Sister Carol Schuyler, SCC   
Instructional Support Anna Nissley '85   
Instructional Support Stacey Emberger  
Library Carole Bush '71 2182
Library Ann Carbon '82 2181
Mathematics Vince Corrado   
Mathematics Judy Durrell  
Mathematics Sarah Garlitz  
Mathematics Joshua Kukorlo  
Mathematics Shawn Stipe  
Mathematics Sister Tracey Uphoff, IHM  
Music Morgan Feick  
Music Nathaniel Miscannon '08  
Music Chad Reed  
Physical Educaton BethAnn Baker  
Physical Education Jeff Weachter  2450
Phys Ed / Wellness Kelsie Garman '12  
Reading Specialist Anne Hartzfeld  2153
Religion Lois Knapp  
Religion Brad Sizemore  
Religion Dierdre O'Leary  
Religion Kristianne Thomas  
Religion Russell Warfield   
Religion/Foreign Language Michael DiMarco '00   
Science Michelle Corrigan '82  
Science Nicole Holland  
Science Rebecca Lowe  
Science Kristin Samson  
Science Jack Sipe  
Science Kristine Safford  



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