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Mission Statement  

Bishop McDevitt High School, a Catholic, college-preparatory coeducational school located within the Diocese of Harrisburg, serves students of diverse intellectual, socio-economic, and religious backgrounds.  We strive to nurture the whole person by creating a challenging academic environment rooted in Gospel values.  Our community aspires to graduate well-rounded Christian men and women committed to living moral lives of holiness, integrity, justice, and responsible citizenship.

​Alma Mater

​Hail to thee, our Alma Mater;
Hail to thee our Gold and Blue;
May the memory of your counsel
Keep our hearts serene and true.

Hail, your noble towers rearing
Upward to God’s holy throne,
Signifying truth and science
Of eternal wisdom born.

May your precepts fill this great land,
Let them reach unto the sky.
Lead your children on to heaven;
Hail to thee, McDevitt High.


The shield of Bishop McDevitt High School is symbolic of the motive and the purpose of religious education as expressed in the motto: “Religione sapientia colitur,” or “In Religion’s Garden Grows Wisdom.”

At the bottom of the shield, the Book of Wisdom, located in a golden field with Alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet, and Omega, the last letter, beginning and end of learning. In the middle of the great shield is the crescent which originally appeared in the arms of John Harris, the founder of Harrisburg, and has been incorporated into the arms of the Diocese of Harrisburg.  Likewise, as a symbol of the Immaculate Conception, it should inspire Bishop McDevitt students to imitate the purity of our Lady.  Flanking the crescent are two silver discs taken from the arms of William Penn to designate the state of Pennsylvania.  Crowning the top of the seal is a golden star encircled by a laurel wreath in a field of blue, emblematic of our Lady as the seat of learning and wisdom.

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