School Update 3-16-2020

Dear Bishop McDevitt students and Families,

March 16, 2020 Update

Today there have been several updates regarding containment efforts of the COVID-19 virus. The CDC has expressed advisement of no more than 50 people in group gatherings. The Governor is beginning to limit all non-essential personnel reporting to work. While we have provided assignments for students we will be sensitive to the current crisis we are dealing with. As such I have requested any work that requires students to work in a group should be amended to prohibit face to face group work. If students can continue to work via online platforms that is OK. As a community, we need to support the efforts for social distancing.

Dr. Gardiner and I have made the decision to effectively close Bishop McDevitt for all non-essential functions. Effective Tuesday, March 17th no non-essential staff will not be permitted to enter the building after 12:00pm. IT Department has/will schedule time for students who requested technology to come in. We would like our maintenance crews to be able to sanitize the building and then limit the possibility of contamination afterwards.

We would like to re-emphasize that while school is closed physically, we are providing instruction as best as possible. We realize the rigor of our instruction will be amended but continuity of education is important. Teachers should be available to students from 9-3 each day.

We will continue to develop online lessons for students. It is important that all continue to check email for updates every day. It is important that students continue to take the work assignments seriously and maintain engagement with teachers and the academic environment. These assignments will be graded. In addition to the online assignments, I encourage students to work on any past due assignments or past work teachers are willing to allow to be handed in late.

As our national and local response to this crisis continues to change, we can only pray the disruption to our daily lives does not continue for too long. We understand there may be concerns for some of our students and families on lunches being provided. While Bishop McDevitt will not be open to provide lunchtime meals, I encourage families to check your local school district website as many of them are providing take-and -go brown bag meals for any students under the age of 18 who need them. Again, we realize there are many questions we just do not have the answers to right now. However, we will continue to update our students, staff, and community as information becomes available to us and do what we can to keep our community and students safe. Thank you and God Bless.

Cancellation/Postponement update

-College Fair scheduled for March 26 will be postponed. Many colleges have restricted travel for employees so a TBD date will not be forthcoming until we have more information as the crisis response unfolds.

Vincent Harper ‘92


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