School Update 3-14-2020

Dear Bishop McDevitt Students and Families,

We would like to continue to communicate information to you as soon as it is available and we are able. This is a time of uncertainty and transparency is critical. We do not have all the answers to many of the questions you may have regarding these events and how they will continue to unfold. However, I would like to continue to update our students and community with as much information and guidance as possible. Please be patient with us as events and advisement have been changing rapidly hour by hour and day by day.

First, please help students understand while the school building is closed, this should not be received as a “vacation”. Teachers have worked and will continue to work throughout this challenge to provide students with some continuity of education. Online work has been created and provided through google classroom, Rediker, email, and any other mediums we felt could provide access to academic material. We understand students need supplies and time to acclimate to the emergency closure. There is an expectation students will begin to engage in school work by Tuesday or at the latest Wednesday morning. While the Governor’s statement indicated schools are not expected to have to make up the 180 day requirement, it is important students continue to work on and engage in school for the continuity of their education. Teachers will be expecting students to engage so they are able to progress through needed learning experiences when we return to the building. Additionally, Mrs. Pagliaro sent out communication regarding student Course Scheduling.

A schedule of when students may come to pick up books and supplies from school was sent out last evening. Please adhere to the scheduled times. We realize this is not ideal, but we believe scheduling time will reduce the amount of families in the parking lot and school at one time as well as reduce confusion. We understand there are students who may need resources from the Library. Mrs. Carbon will have the Library open on Monday and available for students to utilize only during their scheduled supply pick up time. There have been other teachers who may have communicated opportunities to provide materials to students on Monday. Please continue to check your email and Rediker accounts daily for updates.

Administration will continue to review and assess our preparedness to move forward as we monitor the situation in the coming days. We would also like to provide some information on postponement of events and/or cancellation of them. As of today, we are communicating that most activities will be “postponed”. We are hopeful as we progress through this crisis that some of our planned events will be able to be rescheduled so we do not want to definitively state they are cancelled. We have much work to do to determine if some events will remain in the same venue or on the same date. Below is a listing of some of the cancellations and postponements as of right now. We will continue to communicate more as events progress. Thank you.

Please also note:

The Diocese has placed travel restrictions on all students effective immediately. Any student returning from out of country from anywhere outside of the contiguous United States, will be required to provide a doctor’s note from their primary physician indicating they are asymptomatic of COVID-19. They will be required to report to the nurse daily upon return for 14 days to be monitored for any symptoms of COVID-19. Students failing to adhere will be restricted to working from home until either a doctor’s note is received or a 14 day self-quarantine period has passed after their return from abroad as recommended by the CDC, whichever transpires first. International students who return to their home countries during this school year will not be allowed to return to Bishop McDevitt this school year.

Additionally any family that travels to an area within the United States that has increased COVID-19 activity (i.e. Montgomery county, Philadelphia, New York, etc.) needs to self- report to administration, any known or possible exposure with any person infected, provide an itinerary of activities, and if they have any symptoms of COVID-19. Diocesan advisement is that schools reserve the right to require a 14 day self-quarantine before the student returns to a school building.

Events Update

Events Immediately Postponed:

  • All athletic competitions including practices and scrimmages until at least March 30.

  • Bishop McDevitt High School Musical. We will be reviewing times where this event may be rescheduled

  • Bishop McDevitt GALA. We will be reviewing times where this event may be rescheduled

  • Bishop McDevitt Kairos Retreat

  • Placement test on March 21, 2020 Postponed

  • Any event that would hold a venue of 250 or more guests.

  • Events involving community members from Areas outside Dauphin County will be reviewed for possible cancellation


  • All Events using Bishop McDevitt Campus for this weekend and forward despite venue size.

We are not comfortable with how these events have affected our community, but we trust in Christ that our decisions will protect our students, staff, and community as we progress through this unprecedented challenge. God Bless and be Safe.

Faithfully yours

Vincent Harper ‘92


Dr. David Gardiner


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