Principal-President Message for Class of 2020

Dear Senior Class of 2020 and Parents,

Dr. Gardiner and I are sending this long overdue communication to our Seniors and our Senior Class parents to give you some idea of how we may proceed moving forward after the recent announcement from Governor Wolf that all K-12 schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year. We are sure there are many questions regarding event cancellations such as prom and graduation. While schools have been closed for the remainder of the year we want our Class of 2020 to know that we have been and will continue to think of creative ways to recognize our Seniors and acknowledge the impact this is having on you all.

I’d like to first address graduation as I am sure that is of primary concern for everyone. At this time we have not given up hope that we may be able to hold some event in person. Graduation is approximately seven weeks away and we truly want to maintain some hopefulness that circumstances will evolve where a formal graduation ceremony can take place as planned. However, as we continue to monitor the situation we intend to develop alternative methods to conduct a graduation ceremony. We have discussed several likely alternatives such as: delaying the ceremony to a later date in June or July; conducting a modified ceremony of some fashion; or the possibility of a virtual ceremony. Some of the alternatives will require that we begin preparing for them sooner rather than later. Much of what can or will be conducted will be dictated by social distancing and gathering guidelines. We will continue to update you all as events progress.

This year’s Prom is at this time postponed. We do not want to cancel this as of yet, but this event also is restricted by social distancing guidelines. We are looking to secure a date in June to hold the Prom should restrictions on Social Distancing and large gatherings be lifted.

Our administrative team, student council, athletic director, music and club advisor have all been working on ideas that can honor and recognize our students and primarily all of our Senior Class of 2020. We do not believe that spring sports will be conducted based on the Governor’s most recent announcement of school closure for the remainder of the year. The PIAA has also announced the cancellation of winter and spring competitions. There are several projects in the works among all of our departments to build community in a virtual world and we have begun reaching out to parents to assist us in our recognition efforts. We will work to communicate this more effectively moving forward.

Senior Class of 2020, Dr. Gardiner and I want you to know how incredibly disheartening we know this is for you. We will do whatever we can to extend and postpone some of these events as long as reasonably possible for you. We will work with our teams to possibly plan events into the summer if need be. We just want you to know that we have not given up on our dedication to you and a fitting end to your Senior Year. Please let us know if there are ideas you want to run by us. We are listening. Thank you and God Bless.


Vincent Harper ’92 Dr. David Gardiner

Principal President

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