Campaign Prayer

Heavenly Father,
    Through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, patroness of our school, we pray for the successful mission of Bishop McDevitt High School.  We beseech you to fulfill all her temporal needs so that she may continue to form young men and women in virtue and responsible citizenship and so lead your children on to heaven.  We entrust these concerns to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our Mother.  Amen.

Campaign Prayer created by Jim Fair, Campus Minister


The Legacy Campaign: The Campaign for Bishop McDevitt High School is a comprehensive fundraising and engagement initiative that combines operational needs and capital needs under one initiative.  This Campaign will strengthen our efforts to invest in our academic programs moving from an industrial model to a 21st Century educational framework, to provide additional financial aid to needy students and to service our debt and preserve and maintain our facilities. 


The greatest legacy we can leave for future Crusaders is a legacy of character and faith. We recognize that donors have specific interests and we wish to match that interest with the needs of the School.  Thus we have identified three important Campaign Priorities which we hope will inspire your participation and generosity in leaving the greatest legacy.

Campaign Priorities


Experience and Impact

Access and Opportunity

Building an Environment for Excellence


Campaign Leaders


Campaign Chair

Brenda Szeles Bratina '77

Honorary Co-Chairs

Rocco Ortenzio ‘50
Robert Luddy ‘63
Delorose Szeles ‘60

Emeritus Chairs


Maria DiSanto ‘77

Carmen Finestra ‘65

Angela Ortenzio ‘78

Robert Pugliese ‘65

Campaign Ambassadors

Rev. John A. Acri '52

Nickolaus Cargas
Andrea Dietz, ‘81
Darren Dinello, Esq., ‘87
John Duggan, ‘81
Paul Fisher
Darleen Fritz, ‘62
Joseph Guerrisi, ‘87
Michael Modica, ‘70
Richard and Susan Mula
Michael Musser, II, ‘87
Frank Nemshick, III, ‘88
Tim Noll, ‘60
Mike and Denise Perloski, ‘86
Mike Pipa, Esq.
Hilary Smith, ‘95
Joseph Trojak, ‘80
Jay Wrabel, ‘86

Our Story Is A Bold One

We began as a small Catholic school on North Street in downtown Harrisburg. 


Now we have evolved into one of the most exemplary and renowned high schools in Central Pennsylvania - a school of history, strong academics, faith, culture, and service. 


And we believe in the power of our stories. The ones that have been told and retold and the ones that are still being written.

In this section, we will introduce to you students, faculty and alumni that share with you how Bishop McDevitt is transforming or has transformed their lives. They want to share their story with you. 


Every Crusader has a story. 

Has a legacy.

What’s yours?

Ways to Give

As you consider your pledge...

  • Payments may be made over a period of three (3) years. A longer period can be arranged if necessary. 

  • Payment reminders will be mailed to you in accordance with the payment plan you choose. 

  • Pledge payments are fully deductible for tax purposes. 

  • Please make checks payable to: Bishop McDevitt High School

Pledges via cash or check 

Simply complete your pledge card by selecting the amount of your pledge and down payment (optional, but encouraged). Make sure to select your method of payment, i.e., monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments. Please make checks payable to Bishop McDevitt High School Legacy Campaign. You will be mailed payment reminders and a special payment envelope in accordance with the payment plan you choose. Once completed, please return your pledge card in the weekly collection, bring it by the School office or return it in the mail. 


Online giving 

To make your gift online please click here: Make a Gift


Gifts of stock 

Donors can use their own broker/agent or the School agent to transfer stock. If the stock has been held long-term (over one year), the donor does not have to pay capital gains tax on the stock, and is allowed a tax deduction for the full value of the stock. Donors may also choose to sell stock in order to claim a loss, which may be beneficial for tax circumstances. In either case, the stock must first be transferred to the School before being liquidated. Please contact the campaign office for more information.


Gifts from retirement accounts 

An IRA owner, age 70 1⁄2 or over, can directly transfer tax-free up to $100,000 per year to an eligible charity. This option can be used for distribution from IRAs, regardless of whether the IRA owners itemize their deductions. Distributions from an employee sponsored retirement plan, including SIMPLE IRAs and simplified employee pension (SEP) plans are not eligible. To qualify, the funds must be transferred directly by the IRA trustee to the eligible charity. Distributed amounts may be excluded from the IRA owner’s income resulting in lower taxable income for the IRA owner. 


Gifts of property, life insurance, annuities, wills or bequests 

There are different ways to support Bishop McDevitt High School both today and in the years to come via planned giving. Families or individuals can make gifts of real estate, personal property, automobiles, life insurance, estate bequests, annuities or charitable remainder trusts. For substantial gifts of property other than marketable securities, the IRS requires an appraisal. Please contact the Advancement office for more information at 717-263-7973 x2133


Frequently Asked Questions

How many Students attend Bishop McDevitt?

The enrollment for the 2019-20 school year is over 700 students. We anticipate that the enrollment for the 2020-21 school year will grow to 725 students.


What is the Student-Faculty ratio?

The student to faculty ratio is 13:1.

What is your graduation rate?

96% of graduates go on to attend college. The remaining students go on to the armed forces, technical training or the workforce.


What is the tuition to attend Bishop McDevitt High School?

The tuition for Catholic students is $7,100 and the non-Catholic tuition is $8,740.


Is this tuition competitive with other Catholic/Christian High Schools in the Harrisburg area?

Bishop McDevitt prides itself in offering the highest quality Christian education at the lowest possible price.  With a tuition rate of $7,100 McDevitt is the lowest cost private high school in the Harrisburg area.

Is there financial aid available for those who cannot afford the full tuition?

Each year Bishop McDevitt awards and distributes over $1 Million in financial aid to qualifying students. Each student requesting financial aid is required to submit family financial information, which is then analyzed by an outside third party, STS who then recommends the levels of financial assistance that is needed.  


What is the operating budget of the school and does the school operate with a balanced budget?

The operating budget for this past school year was $7.2 Million. This included $1.1 Million in mortgage interest payment.


When was the new campus built on 1 Crusader Way, how much did it cost to build the school and what is the current debt on the school?

The new campus officially opened its doors in January of 2013.  The land acquisition and construction costs of the school totaled $42 Million.  At this time the school has a loan balance of approximately $30 Million.


What is the plan to pay the debt on the school?

Debt repayment will require a multi-faceted approach that will include increased enrollment and the generosity of all who hold Bishop McDevitt so dear.

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