Tuition and Financial Aid

Bishop McDevitt High School is one of seven Diocesan High Schools of the Diocese of Harrisburg.  The school is supported by a substantial subsidy from our parishes.

Tuition amounts for the 2018-2019 school year

Current Tuition Rates
Catholic Tuition
(Registered Parishioner)
Regular Tuition
1 Student $7,100 1 Student $8,740
2 Students $12,230 2 Students $14,690
3 or More $15,180 3 Students $21,545
Each Additional ($2,500)

1) All Bishop McDevitt families, who choose to use the payment plan, MUST create an account profile.

2) If you were enrolled in FACTS last year, your account will be re-enrolled automatically. FACTS will bill you for the Registration Fee prior to your first tuition payment of June.

3) Click here to create your account profile on FACTS. All accounts MUST be created by April 30, 2016.

FACTS  fee –This fee is only due if you choose the payment plan. Anyone paying tuition in full by August 22, 2016 need not pay this fee.

       $40.00 10 month plan

       $10.00 semi-annual plan


Registration Fee Freshman – $100.00 per student

Placement test – $30.00 All incoming Freshman must take this test.

Registration Fee upperclassman – $100.00 per student.  All students must pay this non-refundable fee.

Activity Fee – $100.00.   All students are assessed this fee. Credit is available to students through the two fundraisers. Fee will be posted to your account by April 2018.

Technology Fee –  1 student       $35.00

                                    2 or more      $50.00

Sports Fee – $75.00 first sport, $50.00 for second sport. No additional fee for three or more sports.  This fee is per student and applies only to students who participate in a sport. 

Graduation Fee – $100.00.  For seniors only.  This covers the cost of the diplomas, caps and gowns.

Special Classes- Select academic courses have fees or expenses that are not included in the basic tuition.  This information is listed in the course selection book.

Books – All textbooks are provided for the students, however if a book is lost or damaged the students must pay to replace the book.

Activities your students elect to join such as the Band, FBLA, and NHS might have other fees associated with them. Students are encouraged to participate in class fundraisers and join the various clubs.

Financial Aid

Neumann Scholarship Foundation

For a copy of the income eligibility guidelines, please click here.

For a video explaining the FACTS financial aid application process, please click here.

To register for the 2018-19 Neumann Scholarship Foundation Application on the FACTS website, please click here.

For a copy of the 2018-19 Bishop McDevitt Financial Assistance Application, please click here.

For a copy of the Uniform Assistance Application, please click here.

If you have applied for Financial Aid, you will be notified of the award amount in July.  Tuition payments begin in June.  One or two payments of tuition may occur before the financial aid is awarded.  If this is the case, your subsequent tuition payments will be adjusted to incorporate your Financial Aid.