Technology at Bishop McDevitt High School has never been more advanced. The school now has an enterprise-class network infrastructure, boasting gigabit-LAN ethernet, a robust wireless network, POE and a 10-gig fiber backbone between closets. You may or may not understand what any of that means, but the bottom line is that Bishop McDevitt is equipped to integrate technology into the classroom, well into the future. Each classroom has a DLP-projector, Apple TV and teacher workstation. Most teachers have iPads and many use them with the Apple TV for instruction on a daily basis. All of our math classrooms are equipped with a Smartboard, as well as the science labs and several other classrooms.

Bishop McDevitt also has a total of 5 computer labs, 3 instructional and 2 for teacher/student use. Just this past year, a Chromebook cart with 27 Chromebooks was purchased and is in use frequently by classes. Students are also issued a Google Apps account in the Bishop McDevitt domain. These accounts give students access to Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Calendar and much more. With these accounts, they are able to communicate and collaborate with faculty and their peers.