Our Academic Program

Bishop McDevitt High School provides the opportunity to combine an excellent basic education with a broad liberal arts education enlivened with the Gospel message.  This program will help develop analytical and communication skills, a sense of value of religion and of history, an appreciation for the fine arts, and mathematics & science skills with vigorous preparation for the world of advanced study and work.

Because we are a diverse people, and we recognize individual differences, McDevitt has structured its curriculum aimed at six levels of ability.  Each student ought to be placed in courses equal to his/her ability level and performance.  Each student then will have the potential to be successful at his/her particular level.

AP – Track  –  Advanced Placement – Honors

H – Track  –  Honors

ACP – Track  –  Accelerated College Prep

CP Level 2 – Track  –  College Prep

CP Level 1 – Track  –  College Prep

The College Prep track is subdivided into 2 sublevels.

Each student must schedule at least 6 major courses for the year.  (Many students elect seven courses.)

Mandated minor course must be scheduled in the sequence directed by the school.  The school day consists of nine (9) class periods including the lunch period.