Giving at McDevitt

As Blessed Mother Teresa said,  “We know all too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.”

Why should the people of Bishop McDevitt give their money, time and talent?

As I ponder the question, I become overwhelmed with all the reasons our Crusaders have given in the past. My first thought is the word crusader… A crusader is one who is intensely or excessively devoted to a cause. Our amazing Crusaders have devoted themselves to McDevitt because they believe in the mission of Catholic Education and the mission of Bishop McDevitt High School. Their commitment to the school demonstrates their belief that McDevitt provides our students with the education and resources to take our students into the 21st Century. They are proud of the love and tradition and history McDevitt represents in the Harrisburg Diocese for nearly 100 years. They have given because of the influence that McDevitt had on them or one of their loved ones. The energy, excitement, and family atmosphere not only transcends through the hallways beyond our campus, but transcends through time.

We have so many people who volunteer and give time to the band, athletic teams, clubs, and more and there is no price that can be put on this. We all need each other to get things accomplished. This helps build our McDevitt family. Many people help us with gifts through their employer, cash gifts, stocks, and much more. Others give guidance to us on the many committees we have here and devote themselves with their talents.

Below is a list of actual financial ways you could help:

Unrestricted gifts to the McDevitt Fund, Little Flower Scholarship Fund, Memorial Fund, or our special events like golf, gala and 5K.

Restricted gifts may be made to the Fulfilling The Promise – Capital Campaign, Contributions to Endowments or restricted named scholarships.

I hope you will remember the many ways your contributions of treasure, time, and talent have truly helped or can help our students and school community. I have had the privilege to work with and build relationships with our incredible alumni, parents, businesses and friends. I look forward to meeting more of you and working with you. I cannot thank you all enough for your generosity.

God bless you and thank you for all you do for Bishop McDevitt High School.


Cheri Comasco

Director of Advancement, P ’04, ’06, ’08