Crusader For a Day

Crusader for a Day: Prospective students in eighth grade, as well as potential transfer students, are invited to participate in a Crusader for a Day visit. Prospective students will be paired with a current Bishop McDevitt student and shadow throughout the day. Guests enjoy a complimentary lunch in our cafeteria and experience firsthand what makes Bishop McDevitt so special.

Choosing your Host: We do our best to match your child with a McDevitt student who is academically similar and shares the same interest.

Dress Code:

  • For boys: no jeans, no sneakers, no flip-flops, no sleeveless shirts, no t-shirts with inappropriate messages displayed
    *A good example of dress code would be dress pants/khakis/etc., a button–up shirt or polo shirt, casual dress shoes.
  • For girls: no jeans, no sneakers, no flip-flops, no sleeveless shirts, no tank tops, no low- cut shirts, no short skirts
    *A good example of dress code would be a modest-length skirt/dress with tights, dress pants/khakis/etc., an appropriate shirt or blouse, casual dress shoes.
  • For all students: no facial hair, no facial piercings, no tattoos showing

Schedule: On the morning of your Crusader for a Day visit, you and your student should arrive by 8:00am. Your student will meet the McDevitt host student, receive a schedule and shadow our student for the rest of the day. It is recommended your student bring a notebook and pen for jotting notes or questions throughout the day as well as a book to read in case the McD student has a test or quiz. School dismissal is 2:45pm. Parents should arrive by 2:35pm in the Main Office. The parent and student will meet with the Director of Admissions at the end of the day.

How to Sign Up: All Crusader for a Day visits must be arranged through the Admissions Office. Visits must be scheduled by the parent at 717-236-7973 ext. 2132. A parent can only schedule a visit for their child. We limit one visiting student per day to maintain small class sizes. Visits may take place Tuesday through Friday. We ask that you call to schedule your visit at least one week in advance, and have multiple days available.

Black Out Dates:

November 22-November 27, 2017 (Thanksgiving Break)
December 12, 2017-January 5, 2018 (Mid Terms and Christmas Break)
January 15, 2018 (Martin Luther King holiday)
February 2, 2018 (Teacher in Service)
February 19, 2018 (President’s Day)
March 16, 2018 ***Crusader Experience Day! All interested 8th graders may preregister to attend this event***
March 28-April 2, 2018 (Easter Break)
May 4, 2017 (Prom)
No visits after May 18th