Course Selection

Please click here for the 2018-19 Course Selection Booklet.

Course selection opens in February for the following school year. Current McDevitt students may complete the scheduling process via their student portal or the parent portal.

Every student is required to schedule 6 major classes. Students do not need to schedule physical education as it will be added automatically.  All incoming freshman are required to enroll in Windows I which will also be automatically added to their schedule.

Careful planning must be exercised when selecting courses for the next academic school year. Students should seek as much information as possible from teachers, counselors and potential colleges to make informed decisions about their course selection not only to determine the course work and expectations of a course they are considering, but also because educational choices have implications for college acceptance and programs.

With this in mind, and with parental guidance, students need to be serious about their course selections during the March registration. The entire Master Schedule, staff assignments, class size and course offerings are generated based upon student requests. When students call after schedules have been finalized and want to alter their schedule because they changed their mind, are unhappy with teacher assignment, want to avoid physical education or simply want to have lunch when their friends have lunch, it disrupts the entire Master Schedule. It is of vital importance that students are serious about their first choice of classes and not view their selections as something that can be changed later.

Every attempt will be made to schedule students for all classes they select. In return, it is expected that students remain in their selected classes. Students may change course selections up to the last day of classes (June 6) for no charge. After the last day of school, a $25 processing fee will be incurred for any and all changes to their course selections.

Parent(s) should have a discussion with their child(ren) concerning the selection of courses for the next year.  Course work and expectations should be weighed along with extracurricular activities and organizational and time management skills to ensure their academic success. While it is important to challenge students, it is just as important not to overload them.

Athletes should remember that a 2.3 GPA is mandatory to meet NCAA requirements. The clearing house requires that you have 16 approved credits.  Please note that Religion, Business, Cooperative Education, Home Economics, Music and minor courses cannot be used in this total.

Suggested Sequence:                    4 credits of Social Studies

                                                                4 credits of English

                                                                3 or 4 credits of Mathematics

                                                                3 or 4 credits of Science

                                                                2 or more credits of Electives